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Fuel pellets

Fuel granules - pellets, are widely used recently, environmentally friendly biofuel, obtained from coniferous wood (spruce, pine) without the addition of chemical components.

Pellets have the following advantages over traditional fuels:

high bulk density - not less than 600kg/m3;

the calorific value is 4.3-4.5 kW/kg, which is 1.5 times greater than that of wood and comparable to coal;

design features of furnaces allow you to automate the process of obtaining the required amount of thermal energy;

combustion of pellets in the boiler furnace is more efficient - the amount of residues (ash) does not exceed 0.5% of the total volume of used pellets;

wood pellets are much more environmentally friendly than traditional fuels: 10-50 times lower carbon dioxide emissions into the air, 15-20 times less ash formation than when burning coal.

The granules produced by our company comply with the requirements of STB 2027-2010.

The granules are packed in polyethylene bags of 15 kg, including those with the buyer's logo, followed by stacking on a pallet (1200*1000mm) with a total weight of 1050kg or 1200kg.

Delivery conditions

Shipment of products is made from the warehouse of the enterprise by road or railway transport (st.Borisov, Belarusian railway).

Loading rate: Euro truck - up to 22.05 tons (21 pallets * 1.05 tons).

Railway covered wagon - from 28.8 tons (24 pallets * 1.2 tons). Additional bulk loading of 16.8 tons (14 pallets * 1.2 tons) is possible.

Terms of payment - 100% prepayment.

Terms of delivery - FCA, Borisov, Republic of Belarus.

We are interested in concluding annual contracts from May to April with uniform shipment of the agreed volume of products throughout the year. Terms of payment - 100% prepayment. Terms of delivery - FCA, Borisov, Republic of Belarus.


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