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Glued laminated timber

Glued laminated timber is a high-quality and multifunctional building material made of wood, made by gluing wooden fragments (lamellas).

The most important advantage of glued beams in relation to solid wood is the ability to obtain a building material with predictable properties in terms of strength and visual quality, by optimizing lumber for external defects. Boards selected and spliced ​​along the length are called lamellas.

It is applied in construction (wooden housing construction).

For you, we are pleased to offer glued laminated timber of coniferous species (pine, spruce) using high-quality adhesives from AKZONOBEL, Sweden.

Structural bar - a bar of rectangular section used in wooden housing construction in the manufacture of truss systems and floor beams.

The cross section of the produced timber: from 60x100mm (min) to 600x220mm (max).

The company also produces profiled wall beams of various sections with a thickness of 72mm to 220mm, a height of 130mm to 220mm.

Bar length: from 6 to 13 meters.

Products are packaged in a special film to protect against atmospheric phenomena.

Production is certified both in the Republic of Belarus and in Europe.

High-class specialists are involved in the production. The quality of products is controlled in the factory accredited laboratory using certified equipment. Each batch of glued beams is tested for compliance with physical and mechanical parameters in accordance with the requirements of EN 14 080:2013.

October 2015 JSC "Borisovsky DOK" passed the audit and received a certificate of product conformity EN 14080:2013.

Strength class: GL 28 (h, s).

Formaldehyde emission class: E1.

Reaction to fire: D-s2, d0.

Adhesive: type I.


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