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Sawn timber

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We produce lumber, dry or natural moisture. Code 4407 129100.

Proposed sections, mm: 22x75 / 80 / 100.

Main lengths 4000/4200/4800/5000 mm.

Breed: pine, spruce.

We also consider orders for the production of spliced sawn timber (22x75 / 80/100 mm).

Quality requirements comply with STB 1713-2007.

The supply of lumber is carried out by road, the loading method is lateral, double-sided.

Sale of sawn timber for export is carried out through exchange trading.

Terms of delivery: FCA - Borisov.

Payment terms: 100% advance payment


Section, mm



Tolerances, mm

Thickness tolerance

Width tolerance


-0 +2

-0 +3


-0 +2

-0 +5

Length of work pieces: from 800mm to 2500mm.

Scope of delivery: up to 1000m3 per month.

Delivery of sawn timber can be performed both by road and railway transport.

Our own railway line allows to ship by rail transport with minimal costs.

Terms of delivery:  FCA - Borisov.

Terms of payment: advance payment 100% or Letter of Credit (L/C).