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MDF covered with film material

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MDF covered with film material

For production of coated MDF the board of brand TSN-40 and film materials on paper basis of f. «Impress», Germany; f. «Interprint», Poland are used.

Constant updating of decors and possibility to order any decor from the catalogs of these companies at the order of at least 5000 m2 of fiberboard per month enables us to satisfy the demands of any customer.

Dimensions of boards: 2440x915; 2050x920; 2050x820; 2050x720; 2050*620.

Thickness: 3.0mm: 2,5mm.

Load norm:

  • Eurotruck - from 7500 to 9500 m2 in accordance with the thickness of the board
  • Covered railroad wagon - up  to 22000 m2 

Terms of delivery: FCA - Borisov (according to INCOTERMS 2010).

The product is certified in the Republic of Belarus.